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A virtual reality game becomes a time travel adventure.

Cato, Dingus and Nefertiti are accidentally displaced 100 years into the past. They have exactly ten days to travel 4,357 miles and rescue three colonials who are also in the wrong time — without getting caught by Archibald Pheloni, who's after their time travel secret. But at the end of ten days, if they miss their mark or they miss the moment, they’ll be stuck in the past forever.

Cato can do this with his eyes closed! After all, he has led an expedition up Mount Everest. He has raced in the Indianapolis Skyway. He has jousted, and hunted a T-Rex, and saved the world from alien invasion. He’ll just pretend he’s playing a Viarbox game! Only this time it isn’t virtual. It’s reality.

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Freelance Writing in the Fast Lane

This book series delivers a new spin on a common career. You can learn how to sustain a six figure income as a freelance writer — without all that marketing. That's what sets it apart from other how-to-be-a-freelance-writer books, which focus mainly on how to get your next gig. With corporate freelancing, once you're in, you're in! Writing assignments drop into your email on a regular basis. And there are no SEO sweat shops — ever!

It's available in two parts through Kindle:

Freelance Writing in the Fast Lane: How to create a six figure home-based writing business without all that marketing Learn how to snag the best clients.

Freelance Writing in the Fast Lane: Operation and Administration secrets for your home-based writing business Learn how to keep them coming back for more.


QubComm Publishing

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Qubcomm Publishing


QubComm Publishing is a small press for Kindle ebooks featuring a variety of fiction and nonfiction topics - including Displaced and the Freelancing in the Fast Lane series.

Coming soon from QubComm Publishing:
  • Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down - a disaster preparedness series
  • A how-to guide on Mindfulness - not yet named
  • Manly Meals for Whimpy Cooks

Corporate Freelancing

2014 ClearMark Award of Distinction
Qubcomm Business My emerging writing genre is middle grade fiction, but in the meantime, a girls gotta eat! Since starting my freelance career in 2007, I've written everything from marketing collateral to video scripts, user manuals to web content and so much more for Fortune 100 clients. I've got some bragging rights too. Like a 2014 ClearMark Award of Distinction in the Legal category for using Plain Language writing techniques for a consumer disclosure series. I also wrote a health insurance enrollment booklet that convinced 43% of a retiree audience (about 14,000 people) to adopt a high deductible health plan. To request services, you can reach me at

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